Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair

Software installation – windows 7 windows 10: Windows installs or re-installs can help your laptop run smoothly and also help remove malware and extra junk apps that most people don’t use.

LCD /screen repair: Screen glitches can be fixed by either repairing the display or replacing it. Screen repair or replacement can also be an upgrade in cases where the original display is 720p+ and the replacement is 1080p+.

Software updates: Software updates can be provided to help keep your laptop up-to-date and running smoothly. Softwares aren’t always limited to the OS, and keeping all software up-to-date can be tedious. However, it helps in enhancing performance.

Backup: While unlikely, laptop storage can fail and you can lose access to your files. Backups can be created to help you access all your files without ever losing them again. It also helps reduce your laptop storage’s burdens and hence helps improve performance.

Battery repair/replacement: Laptop batteries can die out and wreak havoc to everyday workflow and render your laptop useless. A simple replacement job can get you back on track and bring a dead laptop back to life.