Samsung Tablet Repair

Samsung Tablet Repair

Resetting/software update: Any software issues and/or difficulties are fixed by resetting your Samsung tablet’s software. Software updates can also be provided to make sure your device is up-to-date and running smoothly.

LCD replacement:  Displays can go haywire and the only way to keep the device running is to replace your LCD or AMOLED displays. Display replacements are done efficiently to ensure customer satisfaction of the highest level.

Charging port replacement: Charging ports can malfunction either due to age, wear and tear, water damage or faulty/duplicate cables, in which case high quality charging port replacement can quickly solve the problem at hand.

Battery replacement:  Batteries tend to become less efficient as time goes by, which affects not only how long your Samsung tablet lasts but also performance, display, camera quality etc. Replacing your battery can extend your Samsung tablet shelf life significantly for a small price and also improve performance.

Home button replacement: Home buttons can get damaged after extensive use, falls, dust particles slipping through cracks and usual wear and tear. Clickability of buttons also tends to wear down after use, so if the home button gets damaged/doesn’t work properly, serving/replacing the button can solve the issue quickly.

Motherboard replacement: Several random issues that might seem like the issue of an individual part can be sourced to the motherboard. These can be difficult to diagnose, but once the problem is identified as a motherboard issue, replacing the motherboard, while tedious, can save your Samsung tablet